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  • Neon Watch design-information

    Neon Watch design-information

    Specially for those desiring to build their own neon-indicator watch, or for those who just want to know how it’s made (Bunch a’ enginèèrds! 😉 ). In this blogpost I’ll share the design files. (Ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar) For those that rather watch the outside of the watch: here is a link to the…

  • Optical data-transmission

    Optical data-transmission

    In the post about the neon watch I mentioned the neon watch gets set to the correct time by a computer program that flashes the screen to send the time. Since that post I have modified my ‘lichtwekker’ (Light-up alarm clock / lineair clock) so that too can be used to set the neon watch.…

  • Neon watch

    Neon watch

    Inspired by Nixie watches (like the original from cathode corner, or this other one), I thought it would be nice to make a watch with neon indicator lamps. This blogpost shows the result. (Ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar)